Halo® Active Technology

Brain Cooling Helmet Technology

Helmet with Halo® active technology acts upon impact to reduce inner helmet temperatures and thus brain swelling.

Life Saving.
Cutting Edge.

Halo® Active Technology

Brain Cooling Helmet Technology

The below videos show side-by-side the technology in action compared to a regular crash-helmet.

The left hand video is an ordinary crash-helmet. The right-hand video is a Halo® active technology fitted crash-helmet.

  • Life Saving.
  • Intelligent.
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New Halo® active helmet

from Halo Active Technologies –
the Ultimate Helmet

Only Halo® active helmets have the revolutionary, life saving Halo® active cooling technology that cools your head in an accident. No other helmet compares.

Halo® active helmets are the strongest and safest money can buy. Your Halo® active helmet will be hand made with a carbon fibre shell to order.

The most revolutionary and innovative redesign of the Motorcycle Safety Helmet in over fifty years.


Motorcycle Helmets
Will never be the same again


    Traumatic brain injury accounts for the largest number of motorcycle accident deaths. Trauma causes the brain to swell uncontrollably – to survive you need to be treated immediately.


    Halo Active Technology’s patented ThermaPak system instantly cools the head on impact, limiting neurological damage and increasing your chances of recovery.


    Only Halo Active Technology’s HALO® active helmet has the life saving ThermaPak device. Hand made with carbon fibre and DuPont Kevlar® – nothing is stronger or safer.

werden nie wieder dieselben sein


    Traumatische Hirnverletzungen sind die häufigste Ursache aller Motorradunfälle mit tödlichem Ausgang. Bei einem Trauma schwillt das Gehirn unkontrolliert – nur eine sofortige Behandlung sichert ein Überleben.


    Das patentierte ThermaPak System von Halo Active Technologies kühlt das Hirn bei einem Zusammenprall sofort, begrenzt die neurologischen Schäden und erhöht somit die Genesungschancen


    Nur der HALO® helm aktiv von Halo Active Technologies hat die lebensrettende ThermaPak Technologie. Handgefertigt aus Kohlefaser und DuPont Kevlar® – nichts ist fester und sicherer.

los cascos para
las motos ya no serán los mismos


    Las heridas traumáticas del cerebro son las consecuencias más comunes de todos los accidentes de motociclistas – con un desenlace fatal. En el caso de un trauma, el cerebro se hincha de manera descontrolada – solamente un tratamiento inmediato asegura la supervivencia..


    El sistema patentado ThermaPak de Halo Active Technologies refresca inmediatamente el cerebro en el caso de un choque, limita los daños neurológicos y aumenta las posibilidades de recuperación.


    Solamente el casco HALO® de Halo Active Technologies tiene la tecnología de ThermaPak la cual salva la vida. Hecho a mano de carbón y DuPont Kevlar® - nada es más robusto y seguro.

Les casques motos
ne seront plus jamais les mêmes


    Les lésions traumatiques cérébrales sont à l’origine de la plupart des accidents de moto mortels. Lors d’un traumatisme, le cerveau gonfle de manière incontrôlée – seul un traitement immédiat peut assurer la survie.


    En cas de choc frontal, le système breveté ThermaPak de Halo Active Technologies refroidit le cerveau instantanément, limite les dégâts neurologiques, augmentant ainsi les chances de guérison.


    Seul le casque HALO® de Halo Active Technologies a la technologie ThermaPak capable de sauver votre vie. Fabriqué à la main en fibre de carbone et DuPont Kevlar® – rien n’est plus solide ni plus sûr.

La differenza tra la vita
o la morte è di 10 gradi


    Trauma ai conti testa per il maggior numero di morti incidente motociclistico. Il trauma provoca il cervello a gonfiare incontrollabile - di sopravvivere è necessario essere trattati immediatamente.

  • Lasciate raffreddare la soluzione

    Halo Active Technologies brevettato 'ThermaPak' raffredda istantaneamente la testa al momento dell'impatto, limkiting danni neurologici e aumentando le probabilità di recupero


    Solo HALO® Halo Active Technologies ha 'ThermaPak' il dispositivo di salvataggio. E 'anche fatta a mano con fibra di carbonio - nulla è più forte o più sicure..


  • 令人寒心的事实


  • 冰镇解决方案

    Halo Active Technologies 获得专利的 ThermaPak 系统可立即冷敷处理受撞头部,减少神经受损并提高事故生还率。

  • 畅销产品

    只有 Halo Active Technologies 的 HALO® 头盔才具有 ThermaPak 这种救生装置。这种装置采用碳纤维和 DuPont Kevlar®(芳纶纤维布)经由手工制作而成,坚不可摧、安全无比。

I caschi per motociclette
non saranno mai più quelli di una volta.


    Lesioni cerebrali traumatiche sono la causa frequente di tutti gli incidenti motociclistici con conseguenze mortali. Quando si subisce un trauma cranico il cervello si gonfia in modo incontrollabile. Solo una cura medica immediata può salvare la vita.


    Il sistema brevettato ThermaPak della Halo Active Technologies raffredda il cervello subito dopo l’impatto, limita i danni neurologici e aumenta le possibilità di guarigione.


    Solo il casco HALO® della Halo Active Technologies possiede la tecnologia salvavita della ThermaPak. Prodotto con fibra di carbonio e fibra DuPont Kevlar® - Non c’è nulla di più solido e sicuro.

Capacetes da motocicleta
nunca mais será o mesmo


    Lesões traumáticas cerebrais são a principal causa das mortes por acidente de motocicleta. Um trauma faz com que o cérebro cresce de forma incontrolável - só o tratamento imediato assegura a sobrevivência.


    O sistema patenteado de ThermaPAK de Halo Active Technologies esfria o cérebro no momento do impacto de imediato, limitando os danos neurológicos e aumentado as chances de recuperação.


    Só o capacete HALO® de Halo Active Technologies tem a tecnologia ThermaPAK para salvar vidas. Feita à mão de fibra de carbono e DuPont Kevlar® - nada é mais sólido ou mais seguro.

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Motorcycle helmets have been the major contributing factor to the safety and protection of Motorcycle riders for many years. When motorcycles were invented back in 1868, they were not powered by a petrol engine, but a steam engine. As you can imagine, they were very slow, and only marginally quicker than a pedal operated cycle, so there was no need people thought, to wear protective helmets.

But as the motorcycle was developed through the years, they continued to improve, until the first real motorcycle was built in 1900 by a British Motorcycle manufacturer, Triumph Motorcycles. As the motorcycles became faster and better equipped, there became a clear need for the motorbike rider to be better protected. No longer was it safe to ride without head protection, and so in 1973 the British Motorcycle Riders were told it was compulsory by law, that they had to wear a motorcycle helmet when riding their motorbike.

Since 1973, motorcycle helmet manufactures have been constantly developing, re developing and improving the design and functionality of their motorcycle helmets to protect all motorbike riders and passengers. Over the last decade, we have seen a constant repetition in the features of these motorcycle helmets. What we have not seen are new technical advances in this sector, we are constantly seeing aesthetic development, but this is not new technology, it is simply image definition.

This is a question that was raised by Halo® Active Technologies, and the answers that were available were to put it simply, ADEQUATE PROTECTION IS NOT ENOUGH… Ask yourself why this is and you will find, that until something ground breaking and innovative happens in any industry, that industry will stick to what it knows best, but will continue to tweak its product to satisfy the demand of its consumer.

“Halo® active technology have redefined the Motorcycle Crash Helmet….” Bold Statement you might say, but that is exactly the same response that was made when any new invention was brought to the market. Cast your mind back to 1973, when crash helmet technology was in its early stages, and look at a crash helmet from today’s era, you stand them next to each other, and both motorcycle helmets will be completely different. So if we have seen such a technology change upto now, why have we not seen any other new developments that protect motorbike riders even more?

As all motorcycle helmet companies will agree, the motorcycle helmet is the most critical part of any motorbike rider’s equipment, and the better the equipment a motorbike rider has, the greater his chance of survival in an accident. This is where Halo® active technology helmets come into the equation.

The Halo Helmet has been developed from a completely new and innovative approach, this being not just one of protecting the motorbike rider in the event of an accident, but also of giving the motorbike rider a much greater chance of survival. Traumatic brain injury accounts for the largest number of motorcycle accident deaths. It is this trauma that causes the brain to swell uncontrollably and in order to survive; you need to be treated immediately. Halo® Active Technology’s patented ThermaPak system instantly cools the head upon impact, limiting the neurological damage and increasing your chances of recovery. Only Halo® active helmets have the lifesaving ThermaPak device. Hand made with carbon fibre and DuPont Kevlar® – nothing is stronger or safer.

Halo® active technology is a revolutionary brain cooling motorcycle helmet technology that could save your life. Head injuries occur in 80% of all motorcyclist fatalities. A key factor in these injuries is brain swelling, Inside a standard motorcycle helmet the polystyrene foam found in ALL motorcycle helmets not only acts as a shock absorber but also a temperature insulator. This issue has been addressed by Halo® active technology using an Endothermic Chemical reaction inside the helmet lining at moment of impact. The helmet immediately cools the motorcyclists head, keeping it cold while emergency services are en route. It is this cooling of the brain that affords the emergency services and the motorcyclist those vital lifesaving minutes.

This technology is fitted to the very best existing motorcycle helmets that have passed stringent safety tests. By combining these quality helmets with this revolutionary brain cooling device, Halo® active technology can give a much needed lifeline to victims of motorcycle accidents. If you are currently looking for the ultimate protection in your motorcycle helmet, it is finally here. The money you spend on your Halo® active helmet is the best money you will spend in the attempt to maximise your safety.

Please look through our video excerpts to see the Halo® active helmet in action, and we are convinced it will open your eyes and mind to the new technology that is available to you and ultimately your family.

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